Bianca Bagatourian is an award-winning playwright whose play, THE TIME OF OUR LIES, co-produced with Viggo Mortensen was nominated for The Amnesty International Human Rights Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It opened in 2019 at The Park Theatre, London to great reviews. It told the life story of radical historian, Howard Zinn, through words, movement and music.

“An urgent, surprisingly watchable polemic about political deceit and the value of history lessons. It makes for a thought-provoking watch in the era of fake news.”

- What’s On Stage

"The Time Of Our Lies presents a sharp look on how democracy has been used as an excuse to perpetrate atrocious acts throughout history. Bagatourian's dramatization is poignant and accessible.”

- Broadway World

“What you have here in this play is ​both lively and substantive.” 

- Howard Zinn

Bianca received her MFA in playwriting from Brooklyn College in 2008 and her BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. She was the founder and administrator of the $10,000 William Saroyan Human Rights Playwriting Award for the Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance.

“I’ve learned so much from each of the icons I studied with -
Mac Wellman, Lee Breuer, Erik Ehn, Jose Rivera. I fiercely believe you should surround yourself with the best talent you can possibly find.”

- Bianca Bagatourian

Photo of author and playwright, Bianca Bagatourian


Everyone has a story to tell. What’s your story? The story you would like to tell? If you’d like to discuss your play, get in touch. Whether you’re on page one or on the third draft, I look forward to helping you crack your script. After reading your piece, we’ll schedule a two hour discussion to go over notes. Contact me at: BIANCABAGATOURIAN@SUBSTACK.COM and “veel geluk”, Dutch for “success”!

“By identifying the unfulfilled potentialities of my script, Bianca turned my pipe-dream into a real, performable play. In retrospect, her suggestions were what should have been obvious to me all along. Without her advice, I might have spent years stumbling around, discovering what my play wanted to be." - Aaron Poochigian 

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Bianca Bagatourian